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Keeping Your Workouts Fresh

December 28th, 2016 by Crystal Carlton

With the New Year coming up you may be thinking of starting a new workout routine. Often people will start working out with a goal in mind; to lose weight, be healthier, or just to have a new activity. What many people don’t know is that after a time your body gets used to the same workout.(1) I have heard many friends say that they stopped because they lost interest or they were not seeing any change in their performance or appearance.

If you have specific goals set for yourself, why not do everything you can to achieve them? By switching up your workout you ensure that your body does not get used to the movements. If you have a range of activities, you work different areas in your muscular system that you might not get from just one consistent activity. You’re less likely to become stagnant and end up quitting what you started. Running to increase your endurance has been shown to decrease body fat and promote a healthy lifestyle.(2) So why not switch it up even more? Try kickboxing or yoga, start swimming. Give your body a challenge so that you can see and feel the difference.

I know that when I look for a new workout I want something that is going to work my entire body instead of just one area. The more involved I am the less I think about how difficult the activity is. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services picking an activity you enjoy will make it easier to commit to your goals.(3) So choose something that you could see yourself doing or always wanted to try. Find something that works for you that’s worth the effort you are putting into it and allows you to have fun.

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