5 Reasons Women Should Do Martial Arts

May 7th, 2018 by Eileen Durma

Find out why all women should do martial arts… (Yes, that means you too!)

“Are there any girls in the class?” A question I hear all too often when working at MMA NYC. The short answer is “yes, of course there are girls!” Now to be clear, there are plenty of times when men far out number them in a class. But this should not discourage women from jumping right in to join!  Women should do martial arts not only because its an amazing skill to have but because it will improve your life in countless ways. 

Here are just five…

KNOW Self Defense

Being prepared to use your mind and body defensively is an invaluable tool for women. Your first line of self defense is always your voice and knowing to avoid potentially unsafe situations. However, unexpected danger can still arise and it is empowering to know that you have the skills to physically defend yourself if needed.

Develop your Mental Toughness

There will be plenty of times in your training when you will find yourself down on the mat and not wanting to get back up. But what you will learn through your training is how to keep doing just that. Knowing how to get back up when you’re knocked down literally or figuratively is a skill you can carry throughout your whole life. Whether it’s facing a difficult opponent, getting through a hard warm up or even taking criticism from your instructor, you will be able to mentally power through.

Take a look at this article from Pyschology Today about the benefits of martial arts on mental health!

Improved self image

Most women have probably experienced feeling unhappy with their bodies at some point (I know I have!). Martial arts training will push you to use your body to its physical limits while at the same time having immense respect for it. It’ll be your armor but also your weapon and it its important to love and take proper care of it. You will learn to appreciate your body’s amazing capabilities and also how work with its weaknesses. 

Branch out of Your Social Group

It’s far too easy to stay within the same social group and gravitate towards people that have similar backgrounds and interests as you do.  But we’re missing out on connecting with new groups of people with different experiences and lifestyles that will make you to branch out of your social comfort zone. Martial arts will introduce you to a community that can expand your thinking and allow you to connect with people you never thought you would. 

Gender Equality

This is one sport where women definitely won’t go unnoticed! You find that men and women tend to practice martial arts together. At first it may be intimidating to train with men.  However many styles will teach you how to use your size and strength level to your advantage.

What do you think are some other important reasons that women should do Martial Arts?  We would love to hear them in the comments below!

Think you want to give martial arts a go?  Find out more about trying it here.Women should do martial arts - inspirational quote

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