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How to Have a Successful Workout in The New Year

January 10th, 2017 by Crystal Carlton

You may have started working out again recently, or maybe you are a long-time fitness enthusiast. No matter how long you have been working out it is important to remember that fitness is not only about getting in shape, its about working out the right way. This can mean different things for each of us. I have found that it is easy to forget basic things that will enhance my workout because I am so focused on the end result. By focusing on one workout at a time I can pay attention to smaller details that can help my progress.

Proper Instruction

If you are taking classes it is important to listen to your instructor. They are there to help you achieve your goals and keep you safe while you workout. If you are unsure about how something is supposed to be done, ask them. They will be happy to make sure you are getting everything you can out of your workout. They might even have something new to teach you to make it more interesting!

New workouts can be both fun and effective if they are being properly instructed. If you feel unsafe or like you are straining yourself, stop and assess the situation. Safe instruction is just as important as the end result.

Knowing Your Limits

While listening to your instructor is important you also need to listen to your body. Instructors will encourage you to do what you came to learn but they cannot help you unless they know all of your limitations. If you have a medical condition that limits your ability to do certain things or an injury that is healing, let them know. Even if it is something as simple as you are sore from working out all week. They can make adjustments to what you are learning if they can so that you can continue to participate, or advise you to rest or seek medical attention.You are there because you want to be. So why not do everything you can to be sure you are doing things in a safe and healthy way so that you can continue to do so in the future.

Avoiding Competition 

Competition can be a great motivator but it can also cause you to give up or ignore your limits. I have found myself looking at the person in class or on the treadmill next to me while working out and thought that I could go faster or work harder, or even thought of giving up entirely. When I should really be focusing on the pace that is right for me. They may be going faster and seem stronger but it took time for them to build to get to that point.

You may be thinking that you should already know the basic foundation of what you are learning in your class. That you should not ask questions because others seem to already know the answers and so you should too. In reality they had to start at the beginning. They had to ask the questions and figure it out just like you are! So don’t let intimidation scare you away form an activity that you really enjoy.

Rest and Recovery after a Workout

When I workout I know that I try to push myself to remain consistent. Sometimes this can lead to pushing too far and overdoing it. You need to remember that your body needs rest and nourishment to recover. Just because you miss one workout it does not mean you have undone all the progress you have made. Injuries can happen when you overexert yourself. Giving myself a break helps me get motivated to go back to class or the gym. I like to plan what I am going to do the next time I workout so that I can set myself up for success.

Results are important but not at the risk of your health. It is important to remember that things do not happen over night and that real change takes time. From kickboxing to yoga, your instructors can be a helpful influence you can utilize in your fitness journey.

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